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Sam Beckett Fan 10-30-2006 04:10 PM

I think its time for me to try something new
hey all. I was just thinking of trying something I have never tried before, well almost never tried before. I would like to team up with someone and write a story, not mecessarily for the virtual seasons it could just be to share on the fic board, but I looked around here all the time and see how people like the two helens and Jennie and E team up and write stuff all the time, and I want to be on a team now too. Yes, i have kristen my best friend but she is not a member of the board, she just reads the virtual seasons. I would like to work with someone here on the board. Now I am sorry but I am certainly not a Helen(eaither one) or a Jennie, but I really love to write, I am really good with words and metaphores. My specialties are dramatic story lines and I am real good with intense and vivid scenes. I can even email you a sample of my work if you want proof! Just PM me your email address.

I love writing with Kristen its my favorite thing in the whole world, I just really wanna try this with someone other than Kristen. I just wanna see what it would be like and I would hope that writing with some of the more skilled people here might help me improve my own skills.

Yes there is somewhat of a Tamlyn in me and I can see it now, you are remembering me saying that I am currently working on two other stories, and yes I am working on two hopefuly future auditions for the VS, but I have somewhat of a talent at juggling more than one story so I will be loyal to you.

so would anyone be interested, cuz I really want to try this?

ADDITION: (6pm my time)
Ok so I supposed I should offer a few idea then to help this along? well I do have this one that might be a little too farfetched although they did a vampire in the real show so this is certianly possible hehe.

anyway, I was thinking of doing a leap based on the movie Urban Legend where its a series of college murders all based on an urban legend. I will talk about it more once I have my partner. Its just one Idea of mine, I would really like to hear some of yours as well.

QL Damsel 10-30-2006 09:12 PM

If anyone is available, then I don't see why they won't want to work with you SBF. I would, but I'm so bogged down at the moment, that I need a chance to get caught up.

As I'm finding out, patience is a virtue.


Sam Beckett Fan 10-30-2006 10:00 PM

thanx for the encouragement MJ.

QL Damsel 10-30-2006 11:00 PM

Surely SFB. :)

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