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QL Damsel 08-04-2005 11:44 PM

Stardust Chapter 06
Stardust Chapter Six

In the sanctuary of Dr. LoNigro's mountain cabin, Sam and Al make strides not only on Al's physical and emotional healing, but also on Sam's string theory. As the week goes on, more than that is solidified as Al learns to trust again and Sam learns that it takes more than ideas and theories to see his dream realized.

Written by: Jennifer L. Rowland

Please let Jennifer know what you thought of her story!

Dman176 08-20-2005 08:18 PM

Re: Stardust Chapter 06
I don't even need to comment on how great this story is, Jennie. But I will add that this chapter is actually further inspiring some aspects of the Starbright story I've been trying to write for Brian. :D The stuff about the holography benefitting some of the Project's applications and the way Sam was explaining and working out segments of the String Theory. If you don't mind, Jennie, I'd like to ask you for further input on these details when the time comes. I would, of course, give credit where credit is due... :)

McDuck 08-22-2005 07:22 PM

I'm glad you're enjoying and engaging with the story so much, Damon. Thank you.

I'd be happy to discuss it with you....bearing in mind that it's been a very long while since I first wrote that scene (like 1999 or thereabouts). <g>

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