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I loved this episode. it took me till the second time for me to see how great it was, but i think that just makes it all the more better. I found Billy to be annoying but I loved Kiki and how she read Sam's palm. I loved how she picked out all those details. That He had enough lifeline for two people and that he was not there by accident but on a mission. I also loved how when he asked her if she saw all that in his palm, she said not all of it and looked into his eyes.

It was very different seeing Sam having to struggle as a man with no legs, but it was also a very good desplay of the horror's of war. this was a very good episode and had a very good message about the war and how the men who faught for our country and their families were affected by it. Which is desplayed in two scenes:
1.) When Julie first arrives at the hospital and She and Sam are out in the yard or whatever that outdoor area is called, and as she talks to him about A friend of Ron's that died in a helecopter crash and then his mother in the hospital. She has her back to him and at one point he decides to address it
"What about you, are you going to be ok?"
"I don't know what you want me to say, I'm here."
"Are you? Why won't you look at me?"

"I have to go back to the hotel and check in, I'm sorry I can't do this anymore."
and she leaves in tears.

2.) He's at the bar with Julie and A hippe guy knocks over Sam's glass of beer.
"Oh man, I am so sorry."
"Don't worry about it"
"Well here at least let me get you another....*he looks down at Sam's legs* beer....Peace"
And he backs away with nervousness. It shows real well how a man with a war injury was a big deal back then and can still be today. Al also explains how the war will leave it's mark on the world forever as he tells Billy about the wall with all the names of the men who died for their country.

This episode was at the top of my list, its one of my favorites, Jennifer Antison and Scott were great together in this episode, and when she was giving him that massage before Julie appeared, I was jellin' on her, whoo, I would give anything to be in her place at that moment, and unlike her, would need a short sleeved shirt to be around his Hotness!!!!!!Damn!
and I was very happy to find out that Ron and Kiki got married and that Kiki was actually the mother of the son that saved his tank crew in the gulf. I also wonder somthing now, I wonder if Ron maybe got fake legs eventually like before be married Kiki, Cuz the lutientent in Forrest Gump also lost his legs in the Vietnam war but he for replacements eventually. So I wonder if Ron ever did?

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