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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
I also like the portrayal of the common TV theme of the kid thinking the parents are against them and wants to get away from them.
*chuckle* It's not just a TV theme. In the 60s and 70s kids often did feel that their parents were against them. Young people wanted to try new things that their parents found very dangerous and threatening. They called it the generation gap. Experienced it myself.

As far as the episode goes, it's not one of my favorites, doesn't do a lot for me. I didn't find it believeable that one little chit-chat about drugs would save that boy's life. And he would be seriously weirded out to hear that kind of talk coming from his "grandfather." Grandfathers did not know about drugs in those days!

I don't mind the cheesy stuff--I actually like the second one you mentioned. I think it's cute. Just a reminder not to take this show too seriously.
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