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I love this episode for a couple of reasons. One, it gives us more Frank LaMotta, my second favorite guest performance of the whole series. It also gives us a view of what happens after the leap is over - that Sam's work in Jimmy led to some good results. I think the bedroom scene is one of the best ever done - sexy and suspenseful and heartbreaking and so, so wrong. Watching Frank attack Sam, and Sam's response, is watching acting at its best. I believed that whole scene completely.

I wish the special effects at the end were a bit less cheesy, though, and "Zoe" chews the scenery like it's beef jerky.

Why would someone want to do that [ruin people's lives]? That's the question that's always bugged me about the Evil Leaper storyline.
I guess for the same reason that someone would spend hours and hours devising malware and trojans and viruses to destroy people's computers. Just because they can.
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