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Originally Posted by JMoniz
The fault also doesn't lie with Ziggy. Al never thought to check to see who the mother was, just assumed it was the wife Julie.
Yeah exactly I mentioned that a while ago I believe. Most of the time Ziggy does not give out information until Al asks for it:
"I never bothered to check the mother's name, I just sort of a assumed."
And you can't really blame him, wouldn't you think the same way "The woman is his wife so unless he is a slimeball cheater who else would he have a kid with?"
And as Julia also pointed out the information did not yet exsist.

And to comment on the Discussion of Jennifer Aniston's hair. I did not think she even had a style it just looked to me like she was wearing her hair down in a natural manner. Eaither way I thought she looked fine though.

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