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I'm pretty sure most(if not all) of the members/visitors here are fans of QL,or at least watched the show. and for some reason it hard for me to believe there are a lot of visitors in this site,that never watch the show or didn't Follow it,that visiting in the site because they want to decide whether give it a chance or not...
After all a site like "Al's place" is a site dedicated to the show and the Fans of the Show(This Site Do called "A fan Site,right"?!) and not the "Average Viewer".
So when i'm writing my reviews, i'm writing them after I read enough Reviews that already praise and glorify the episode. so i'm trying to add something else,something different and maybe unpopular among the fans - the negativities.
However, there is one problem - it seems All you choose to see is the negetivity in my reviews,though i wrote quite a lot of positive things in my episodes' reviews alongside the negetives(if any). But you(SBF and Imoniz) still choose to see only the negetives.
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