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Originally Posted by cookiemom
Yeah, I'd like to have Scott melt me down! OO baby.
Yeah me too, ROOOOOAR!

Originally Posted by isz
I can't understand what's your problem with the character of mature Abigail.
Who was this directed at, I haven't noticed anyone saying they have a problem with Abigale in this episode, surprisingly not even me, I actually don't mind her in this episode because she's a great mother figure. Most of us just are annoyed with her as a child and some of us in the second one as well, *ahem*. But as I stated above in the third one her charactor really shaped up being a mother now. I was pleased by her charactor in this episode. Although as I also pointed out just because she had a better attitude in this ep does not change my sympthay for her. In the first episode with the issue of Abigale being accused of stealing the locket, and killing Violet; I can actually understand Lita's point of view given Abigale's attitude and the fact that she beat Violet senseless.

Originally Posted by Aging Boomer
I thought it would have been a neat twist if Abagail had been guilty after all! Did anyone else find Abagail a bit "off"--not crazy, just a little creepy and not as wonderful as Sam kept saying she was?
Exactly I feel exactly the same way. And in the second episode her body that of an adult but her attitude had not aged a bit since Sam had last met her at least in my opinion. She was selfish and a still brat, she said that she loved the little boy yet when hes lost and all alone and in danger she is worried about her stupid wedding. Weddings can be reschueled, that little boy's life can not be. This is why I was very pleased with her charactor in the third episode because finally now that she's a mom her attitude cought up to her body.

and touching on your comment about Abigale should have been guilty I must say it would make sense consitering her conflicts with the Aiders especially Violet, the way she beat the poor girl senseless over a stupid locket and it's also curious that she happens to have killing history in her family from her grandmother(Laura's mother that killed all her children and then herself)

Originally Posted by isz
But i gotta say i think that some of the feeling sam had for Abigail were an impact of Will and Sam's mind merging.
Yeah exactly my thoughts exactly, but I think more of Will was talking than Sam because he really merged with him deeply to the point where he even was left with the guy's stutter.

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