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Originally Posted by jmoniz
when Sam does get out of the bank and would have the opportunity to go home he doesn't. Oh, he and Al mention it when he's running down the road but he doesn't do anything about it. That's a lot of emotional growth there if you ask me.
Yeah I agree completely because when he is standing at the road that leads to his farm, Al even gives him the option to go home:
"I wouldn't blame you if you went on" as in "Go ahead home no one is stopping you". Which I think he actually meant it a test, challenging him to make the right choice and Sam passed with flying colors. I think that says that he really learned a lot from The Leap Home.

Since I am in this scene, right before he decides not to go home, a truck pulls up and the driver asks him if he needs a lift to which Sam declines. They don't show who the guy was, and Sam never looked at him. So you don't know who it is, but for some strange reason I want to think the guy in the truck was John Beckett. Kind of sounded like him.

This episode is also one of three that references what Kristen and I found to support that Sam did not make it to his father's funeral. In one scene Neil is getting made at him(Willy) yelling at him that he had been too busy being big college man when his father needed him during his last days and accusing him of not caring. Eventually Sam starts going into tears and gets so upset that he socks Neil in the face telling him to never say that again. he had really appeared to take it personally; that he had forgotten that he was Willy and felt like Neil had been scolding Sam Beckett. I thought that was strong especially after he had mentioned in front of Al (after finding out what year he was in) that his father was just barely still alive. I thought that was a very strong moment and it made Sam embracing his father at the end so much more meaningful.

Originally Posted by jmoniz
The simple moment at the end where Sam's able to hug his father and wish him a merry Christmas, though fleeting, is one of the more satisfying emotional moments of the series. As someone who's lost a parent, I can pretty much guess how much that means to Sam to be able to share his love with his father again for that one fleeting instant.
I agree, I just lost my father two years ago. Coincidentally I was 18, three years younger than Sam when he lost his father and the same way too. I had gotten to say goodbye but I had not realized it was that kind of goodbye. No one did. So seeing Sam getting to wish his father one last Marry Christmas like that is really sweet and touching.


Another thing I would like to mention, Kristen and I just love when Sam and Al are in Vernon's house; they find the papers and then they go to high five each other but then realize they can't.

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