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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Yeah I agree completely because when he is standing at the road that leads to his farm, Al even gives him the option to go home:
"I wouldn't blame you if you went on" as in "Go ahead home no one is stopping you". Which I think he actually meant it a test, challenging him to make the right choice and Sam passed with flying colors. I think that says that he really learned a lot from The Leap Home.
Unless it was Al's way of using reverse pshycology on Sam...
But in any case i think the reason Sam choosed not to go and visit his family was because the only thing his family would see is his host,not him...and i believe if he would go to his family farm - it could be more painful for him then it was in "TLH-P1"."

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Since I am in this scene, right before he decides not to go home, a truck pulls up and the driver asks him if he needs a lift to which Sam declines. They don't show who the guy was, and Sam never looked at him. So you don't know who it is, but for some strange reason I want to think the guy
in the truck was John Beckett. Kind of sounded like him.
If it was John Beckett,I can't see Sam refusing to his ride suggestion...
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