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Originally Posted by isz
Unless it was Al's way of using reverse pshycology on Sam...
But in any case i think the reason Sam choosed not to go and visit his family was because the only thing his family would see is his host,not him...and i believe if he would go to his family farm - it could be more painful for him then it was in "TLH-P1"."
I think it was a little of both.

Originally Posted by isz
If it was John Beckett,I can't see Sam refusing to his ride suggestion...
Yeah but like I said he didn't see who the driver was he was not paying attention. It probably was not him though.

btw - sorry about the vent above, my math class was cancelled due to the teacher being absent leaving me with an extra hour to waste before my history class. two an a half hours is a lot of time to waste and I got really bored. So I decided to go the library and check on the convo here.

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