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Yeah and might I point out it took many veiwings of this episode to finally understand something. Sam is devising a plan to solve Marty's problem and the only thing he will tell Al is that he knows something Marty does not know. I so did not get what he meant by that for the longest time and was ticked that they did not really explain. But now I see, what Marty did not know is that both families are very unhappy with him. Sam's task was to ensure that Marty only had one wife and he mentioned that while he spent time with each he was trying to determine who needed him the most. If you watch closely neither of them do, they were both equally miserable with him so what they needed was to get rid of him. So that's what Sam knew that Marty did not. As it turns out it appears that rather than to choose Marty a wife; he was really there to set both Elroy families free of the scuzz ball.

So I was just very glad that I finally understood that.

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