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Well - in my opinion the best episode involving Sam's leaping into the life of a famous person,but i still found this episode no more then Average.
the main reason for that was the last 10 minutes of the episode i just didn't like and thought it was a cheap and unnecessary maneuver.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
My BFF Kristen and I both feel that this was an unecessary celebrety episode. It was a very good story but we felt that having him leap into Elvis to achive the task was not necessary as he could have helped Sue Anne by leaping into her sister which would have been better in the sense that we all love Sam as a woman.
I'm Totally Agreeing with you,but...Forget her Sister, i think it could be work just fine with someone else - maybe the man with the singing pig...
just kidding.
Elvis' Friend could work ,just fine or maybe even the cook in the Dinner Sue ann worked at in my opinion.
It also could be someone else from the town.But not Elvis.
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