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I don't remember this episode at all, but I loved it. It's funny when Al and Sam argue and people think Sam's nuts. I can just imagine the scene in the Waiting Room. If you were a UFO buff, of COURSE you would think you'd been abducted by aliens, especially with Al's wardrobe, lol. (Love it, don't get me wrong!)

A little idealistic to think a chat with Gramps could steer an aspiring musician away from drugs in NYC, but hey it was worth it just to see the space ship. I guess we're to conclude that that was a strong relationship, huh?

I wish we had gotten a straight answer about where the ships came from and why they were on a schedule.

I wonder if Al could have led Sam through the RIGHT answers while under Sodium Pentathol? "Repeat after me...My name is () and I've never seen a UFO, but I'm an avid starwatcher..." SOmething like that.

What was the mission for the government guys? Were they supposed to check the validity of the guy's story or cover up the UFO activity?

Shouldn't someone have destroyed that tape with Sam's disclosures about Quantum Leap? (Maybe after they saw the UFO for themselves, they decided to destroy the tape themselves.)
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