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I've seen the Trilogy before, but I've forgotten the details of the plotline, so forgive me if any of this is answered or countered in a later episode. (I did remember the next leap, though. Gak.) It's fun to watch these almost like a new viewer, thanks to my lousy memory and unpacked videos.

I watched this episode yesterday and I thought Al said "Leda gets out" during the fire scene. I don't think Al sees Laura (or her image) at all in the flames, only at the sanitarium in the rocking chair.

Did they say that the Sheriff KNEW where his wife was or was he blissfully ignorant of the fact that his wife was catatonic in a sanitarium? I found Laura's appearances to be sort of hokey. Either she can "project her astral image" or wears a fireproof aura, lol. They overdid it with the special effects, maybe?

Frankly, I think Abigail killed Violet and her father. She definitely has anger management issues and keeps saying she wants people dead. Sam's a sucker for a pretty little girl, isn't he? I would have gotten her a bed next to momma.

It's strange that Sam leaps just as his "host" is killed by the falling ceiling. Bad choice on Sam's part - while he always wants everyone to live, he should have considered what would happen to Abigail if she lost her father and hauled *** out of there.
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