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Originally Posted by DeadZoneLeaper View Post
Altho she is not really seen, she is mentioned as being with a group of former leapees who return to PQL in a Season 11 episode
Au Contraire, Greg, the mind's eye sees her as long as the reader imagines the virtual camera sweeping across the room looking at all or most of the leapees including Dr. Ruth, Nikos Stathatos(sp?), Eddie Ellroy, etc.

And in this episode is yet ANOTHER kiss with history(not sure if this was mentioned in this thread or anywhere) happened. I was at Borders Books today and was looking at the "Handy Supreme Court Answer Book" and I just happened to thumb to a page where Anita Hill was pictured and mentioned. She was a victim of sexual harrassment. Anita was one of the characters who, like Layne Beamer(Tom Stratton) had no lines whatsoever but the woman she was with had a line. After Scott [Bakula] said, "...because you've been sexually harrassing her on the job.", to Annie's ex-boss, Anita's attention was peaked and therefore did not get on the elevator.

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