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While watching this episode tonight for my screen capture collection some thoughts went through my mind through the laughter.
The first of which is how this is the only of the leaps concerning famous figures that actually still fits with original focus of the series with the Annie portion of the story. Not only for the subject matter but for how it brings out Sam's warm must-help-everyone character. His determination to help this person whom he is not primarily there to paired with the humor of the persona he's in can kind of make one forget that this leap is based around a real person. I know it does me but then again I am not familiar with Dr. Ruth's real work.

It's because of this that this episode is also the only of it's kind that is watchable for more than just the acting (In my humble opinion one should only turn on LHO for an amazing Scott performance).

One negative aspect I will point out is that while Sam's embarrassment to discuss the subject matter is quite adorable and induces quite a bit of laughs when complimented by Al, his discomfort was slightly ridiculous for a grown man nearly 50, particularly in the promo scene. Especially considering that he discussed such topics in season 2's What Price Gloria and Another Mother without seeming quite as uncomfortable. Though in those instances it was with a single other person and male, I suppose through the radio to thousands of both genders is quite a bit different and I'm doubtless the humor of it was the intention. So it's forgivable. And it was an interesting position to put Sam in.

My best friend and I were once cracking up over how if this had taken place now that scene he made jumping cars in rush hour to get to Annie would have been all over Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. You dodged a bullet growing up before the age of technology Sam. XD

The Al side story though playing off of the famous leapee was unique and interesting. Not only do we get to see the waiting room which is unfortunate was only slightly introduced in season 4 and mostly only occurs in season 5 but we also get to see a professional, and a real one at that, tackle Al's relationship issues. His respect for Dr. Ruth and her knowledge was astounding and his affectionately addressing her as what his third wife went by, 'Ruthie', was meaningful. We learned earlier in the series that aside from Beth she was the wife who'd meant the most to him, taught him about family. She's developed quite interestingly in the novel 'Odyssey' as she'd even given him a step-son who had been pretty young at the time of their marriage. The idea that he'd accepted a child in a relationship is pretty powerful considering how he denied Beth, the love of his life a child. Perhaps though Ruthie's son was his correcting a mistake. So much can be done with that concept.

The revealing concept that the leap had been intended for Al's session with Dr. Ruth was an interesting supportive detail to my theory that the experiences of the leaps are also intended for Sam and Al to learn something. Another example for Al being Running for Honor. This was actually not my theory originally, my best friend informed me of it being brought up at a panel, that in addition to helping strangers each leap also has something for either Sam or Al to take away from the experience. According to her Scott and Dean had been very fascinated by the idea.
One example in regard to Sam is Good Morning Peoria where he learned how to let loose and have a bit of nonsense fun. This episode could in fact be another. He even acknowledges this when he suddenly suggests that he could use Dr. Ruth's show to effect a lot of our societies issues such as teen pregnancy.

The scene where Al's throwing out all these words for 'breasts' is hilarious. Reminds me of when Sam couldn't get the word out in Miss Deep South.
"I just don't see why the size of a persons b...body has anything to do with who they are."

Honestly I'd have like to see what Dr. Ruth made of Sam's embarrassment of discussing the subject of sex. There is a lot she could have analyzed about his character despite his not being there. For example bringing Donna into it even as some background of their marriage could have been explored. Dr. Ruth could have had a field day with the pre-leap Sam in the novel Mirror's Edge who was a workaholic and even once denied Donna sex when she'd directly requested it(though it was obvious he wanted to which makes sense).

Overall an enjoyable episode (But come on how is Sam as a woman NOT enjoyable? hehe) with a good story and use of the lead characters.

Interesting Tidbit:
*This is one of few episodes where Scott remains in the same outfit from start to finish. Others include season 2's Thou Shalt Not and Season 4's The Wrong Stuff.

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