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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
It's because of this that this episode is also the only of it's kind that is watchable for more than just the acting (In my humble opinion one should only turn on LHO for an amazing Scott performance).

The Al side story though playing off of the famous leapee was unique and interesting. Not only do we get to see the waiting room which is unfortunate was only slightly introduced in season 4 and mostly only occurs in season 5 but we also get to see a professional, and a real one at that, tackle Al's relationship issues.

The revealing concept that the leap had been intended for Al's session with Dr. Ruth was an interesting supportive detail to my theory that the experiences of the leaps are also intended for Sam and Al to learn something. Another example for Al being Running for Honor. This was actually not my theory originally, my best friend informed me of it being brought up at a panel, that in addition to helping strangers each leap also has something for either Sam or Al to take away from the experience. According to her Scott and Dean had been very fascinated by the idea.
One example in regard to Sam is Good Morning Peoria where he learned how to let loose and have a bit of nonsense fun. This episode could in fact be another. He even acknowledges this when he suddenly suggests that he could use Dr. Ruth's show to effect a lot of our societies issues such as teen pregnancy.
So you like the theory that along with the mission to put right a mistake, that a side-mission should be that Sam and/or Al should learn something or get something out of the leap, but you continually criticise the Lee Harvey Oswald episode for the main mission in the episode being to solve the conspiracy (i.e. to learn something new), rather than actually changing history (even though we find that he does put right a wrong anyway, in saving Jackie O's life)?

I'm not personally attacking you btw, it's just that this seems a bit of an oxymoron...
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