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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
So you like the theory that along with the mission to put right a mistake, that a side-mission should be that Sam and/or Al should learn something or get something out of the leap, but you continually criticise the Lee Harvey Oswald episode for the main mission in the episode being to solve the conspiracy (i.e. to learn something new), rather than actually changing history (even though we find that he does put right a wrong anyway, in saving Jackie O's life)?

I'm not personally attacking you btw, it's just that this seems a bit of an oxymoron...
Significant difference between helping a woman escape a stalker and having any kind of direct involvement in major history. It goes against the rules of the series to have Sam's objective be to alter/solve an event in major history and it's suggested by Honeymoon Express that whatever is steering him pre-Mirror Image whether one elects to believe it's GTF or his own subconscious wouldn't allow that.
As fans we all know that the leaps involving famous figures were gimmicks insisted by NBC. Thus why I dismiss the logic in the 5th season particularly in the leaps which break the rules.

This is something I mentioned in my first post, that the objective in this leap more embraced the aim of the series.

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