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So here is where my opinion slightly changed when I watched the trilogy story for the second time last night. Abigail was not as bratty as I'd thought I remembered in this part. There was one selfish moment when she whined about her wedding being postponed for this missing child and Beau's response nailed it. Her somewhat childish behavior after that was acceptable as a love struck 21 year old.

The story was more believable here; little boy with a crush on the baby sitter gets upset that she's getting married and runs away. Very plausible but then it goes back to Stephen King with the whole "witch hunt" as Al put it. Once again assumptions were made solely based on the fact that Abigail is supposedly cursed with craziness. The fact however that these parents actually allowed her to babysit for them says to me that Lita Aider is mostly behind the curse rumors and she preaches to the rest of the town. This is also suggested by the fact that the lynch mob had seemed to disapprove of Lita taking a shot at Abigail with the rifle after they were told where to find the boy ALIVE.

I found the arrival of the leap, right in the middle of sex to be unique and something I am surprised didn't happen more often. In this case Will's emotions were almost in complete control of Sam right from the first moment to about halfway through the episode but in a typical situation the poor guy would have had a panic attack. I would have liked to see that. XD

My opinion of the fact that Sam had sex with Abigail has NOT changed, I still do not approve but I no longer completely fault him. Will got him started and being in the position he is in Sam is not only greatly lacking in that department but I'd imagine he isn't used to those urges at such a strong level. Will wasn't in charge the entire time however, he'd vanished the moment Sam touched her and he has admitted that he'd marry the right person only a couple of hours after meeting them, this says that through his extreme level of morals Sam is still prone to jumping blindly into love. So I do buy that he'd fallen for Abigail even if it was circumstantial which is certainly plausible and my personal belief which he also can not be faulted for, the heart doesn't consult you before it feels something, it's how he knew Abigail.

My disapproval here as opposed to Tamlyn in season four whom I adore, other than the fact I am not the biggest fan of Abigail in general is that Sam knew her as a ten year old child, was her father even technically. He had sex with with a woman he knew and somewhat fathered as a child, that's kind of gross. One might consider the same of Will minus the father part. He was seventeen, almost a legal adult when she was ten despite the acceptable age gap otherwise and knew her. Had he not known her it would be different. Still the circumstances surrounding Sam were worse.
Even Al did not approve. He looked genuinely shocked, bothered even to hear talk of wanting so badly to touch and hold a woman coming from Sam Beckett's mouth and though he knows Sam to be a prude obviously, I'm suddenly wondering if that's because he was thinking of Donna. His expression did suggest that he was hurting on her behalf.
Granted that this saga seemed to be written with Donna in The Leap Back having been scrapped considering Pratt's feelings about it, story wise it was too late to take it back. Perhaps among a few other instances this would have been an appropriate time for her to be revealed to Sam. He'd have forgotten again once he leaped I assume so no lasting results would come of it. The only reason Al, being the way he is, would be so concerned about the high level of feelings that were there for this woman as opposed to other situations he'd teased Sam about such as Diane McBride is how this was the situation which was most threatening to his forgotten commitment to Donna. Even Tamlyn was reasonable because she knew who Sam was, something that of course would have a powerful effect on him after 4 freaking years of having to hide himself.

Then there's that whole 'like a magic flash, we just fit" thing, come on, really? I'm a sucker for mush like that usually but I just did not buy that! It's ridiculous. She doesn't even know who the hell Sam is and she felt like they fit?
Shame the sex scene wasn't at least hot like Lord of Illusions or Passion to Kill hot! hehe.

Honestly though, and I believe I've brought this up before, my headcanon is that Sammy-Jo was intended to happen. That Sam was meant to save Abigail not only because she didn't deserve the s*** she'd gone through but also so that he could conceive the child who is implied to be the key to getting him home and get her on the project. Why with Abigail when it could have been with someone cooler like Tamlyn I don't know. Al actually once said sometime at the very beginning that the only one who could figure out how to get Sam home is Sam so perhaps he needed to send the project the next best thing, part of himself with the same mind that created the project.

Overall this episode has come a long way from when I couldn't stand the thought of it even though I am still nowhere near a Sabigail shipper.

Stay tuned for my final Trilogy review in the part 3 thread.

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