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So Lightining McQueenie brought up a thought in the Deliver Us From Evil thread and I've deciding to bring my response here to prevent off topic discussion over there.
Apologies for the double post but my edit window has ended on the first one.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
What I don't really understand is why Laura never reported it. If Laura had called an ambulance they may have been able to retrieve Violet's body and treat her injuries / resuscitate her. Maybe because of Abigail beating Violet up, the rivalry beween Laura's and Leta's families, combined with the town's beliefs about her mental state, made Laura believe if it was ever found out she'd be charged with murder. Mind you, the alternative, rotting away in a mental institution, wouldn't be considered any better...
This is an excellent catch. She could have just told the police that she'd maybe dropped an earring into the well and when she'd gazed in to see where it went there was Violet. Though that's not believable and you are probably right that her so called "cursed" past probably wouldn't allow her to get away with something like that. Not only because the police probably wouldn't buy her cover story but Lita Aider would've just accused her of covering for Abigail, in fact I am willing to bet the Beckett farm (haha) that had she been standing in that courtroom these 25 years later that's exactly what she would have done.
Also wasn't it implied somewhere that Clayton told her to keep her mouth shut? Isn't that why he put her in the institution?

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
We actually aren't given any confirmation that Violet died instantly.
With this I disagree. Were you paying attention to that drop? I doubt anyone could survive that but especially a child as I believe their skulls aren't as hard as an adult's.
In addition I believe her head was shown to have been bent into a unnatural position, suggesting that the impact broke her neck which is entirely plausible.

If however you were right and Laura had left Violet down there when she could have been saved that just adds on to the Manslaughter charge I suggest in my first post.

Also I've just now noticed blue_enigma's post which I'd like to respond to.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Deborah Pratt was arguably the best writer on the show, certainly one of the best, but the trilogy feels like a self-insert (or Mary Sue as Julia called it in another thread).
Judging by the backstory I heard of the Trilogy concept I believe self service is exactly what it was.
She'd wanted to explore the idea of Sam having sex in a leap, preferred this in fact to the re-introducing of Donna in The Leap Back.
I've said this in the thread for the first part and I shall repeat it; this was a Stephan King Novel not a Quantum Leap episode. That's my beef with it other than Abigail as a character.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
I thought the reason they brought in Sammie Jo as Sam's daughter was to set things up to bring him home.
See that's a problem for me as well and relates to my mention of how we never learn her theory. The fact that it ended with her being implied as the key to bringing Sam home and then they never went anywhere further with her. That seemed sloppy and makes the Mirror Image ending that much more of a let down regardless of the fact that it was ended with a grain of salt to leave it open for a sixth season. Honestly though the concept I was told they had in mind wasn't all that appealing IMO and did not really involve Sam. It was Al becoming a leaper in search of Sam who's aura never returned to the waiting room after Mirror Image with Sammy Jo as his observer. As much as I would have liked to see more of Al as a leaper you can't have either him or Sam without the other. You just can't.

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