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Originally Posted by Dman176 View Post
According to the book Another Time, Another Place -- Quantum Leap, which was only recently given to me for my birthday back in January, one of the tidbits for "Mirror Image" mentions that the alternate scripted ending is actually a hoax:

There is no alternate ending script in existence that continues the series, even though websites and even other publications have claimed to have one with a leap into the future. At the time Bellisario wrote Mirror Image no pitch to the network would have helped since Bellisario knew the series was cancelled.
One problem...

Originally Posted by ScottBakula
"I think that if people understand the circumstances that [creator Donald Bellisario] wrote that episode under -- we didn't know we were canceled at the time," says Bakula. "That's more the norm now, they know it's their last season, so they can wrap up loose ends. But we didn't know that.

"So Don had to write an episode of this series that would allow us to come back if they picked is up, or it would allow for a future if there was going to be a movie, or allow it to also be a final episode if that were to be the case. I feel like if you watch the episode given that information, it becomes even more spectacular.
Originally Posted by Dman176 View Post
In response to this script that appears on websites as an alternate script, Bellisario calls this script "urban legend" and wants to let all fans know that this is not a legitimate end to the series and not a sixth season opener.
"Another Time, Another Place" hasn't gotten the best reviews on accuracy.
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