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Wasn't 'Mirror Image' originally written as a finale to the 4th season? The show was in danger of being cancelled then, but the fans wrote letters and pushed to get the series continued - and succeeded in getting one more season out of it. I'm admittedly not completely knowledgable about what is just rumor and what is fact surrounding this show, but I think 'Mirror Image' was planned as the season 4 finale with the alternate-ending script intended to open season 5 (if it happened, as they were thinking at the time). I do remember reading somewhere that 'Mirror Image' was filmed during the 4th season (and actually if you look at Sam's hair, his haircut in 'Mirror Image' is the same as other episodes in season 4, whereas in season 5 his hair is different). Then they changed a few things when they aired it as the season 5/series finale.
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