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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
I've just reached 'Temptation Eyes' in my comparison run through. Up to that point the episodes all match in S4. I've converted my 'off tv' video to dvd to preserve the soundtrack of that ep - for personal use only of course.

I'll let you guys know of any other changes as and when I find them, but I don't have much time for checking just now.
I've now finished comparing all the episodes in S4. The only other one that seems to have any music substitution is 'Leap for Lisa'. This is only one short scene and is not too noticeable, but I've still made a dvd copy of my original video to preserve it.

By the way, I've not kept the earlier videos, but I still have the last 9 or so eps of S4 with original [Sky tv] broadcast music. They are British [PAL format not NTSC] videos, but if anyone would like them before I send them to the dump you can have them for the cost of postage. I'll similarly have all the S5 video eps once I've done the comparison.

Interesting aside: I HATED the S5 theme version when I first heard it and ever since, but putting on LHO today, I found I no longer mind it so much.
* Shrug.

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