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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
I still don't get why Laura Fuller was put away by Clayton? If anything, she could have exonerated Abigail? There was this talk about her mother killing all of the babies and that being the reason she was put away. But that happened many years earlier. Was it Violet's death that triggered her memories of her siblings being killed? I never saw the connection.

If we only could have looked into Clayton's mind and see what he thought of the whole thing, and how he reacted. How much of the truth did HE really know?
I expect that after Violet fell down the well, Laura rushed home and told Clayton what happened. Clayton probably saw this as the "child killer" curse, and so had her put away to (a) prevent Laura from being convicted of Violet's death, and (b) to save Abigail some pain - could you imagine how much more she would have been heckled about the child killer curse if it was revealed that her own mother had killed a child?
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