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And let's back track to that Laura thing, what was that? Then there is a second occurrence during the fire. In the third episode the camera focuses on her hand when she reveals the missing locket and you can see that it's burned. Sam then removes her head dressing long enough to reveal that she'd lost nearly all her hair and a burned scalp. This is suggestive that she'd been there in that fire. Returning to this episode, right before Lita Aider drops the lantern she can be heard crying out for someone not to hurt her and I'd automatically assumed she was faking being attacked by Abigail like the vicious b**** she is but could she have been yelling at Laura?
This doesn't add up for me though. When Sam caught sight of her there she'd disappeared in the blink of an eye, how is that possible and how on earth did she get out of the mental facility and to the house with somewhat suggestively no witnesses? [/quote]

What exactly happened with Laura? I'm surprised no one else mentioned it.
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