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Default RodVision........blast from the past....

With the recent announcement of a supposed new screenplay/script having been written by the always brilliant Bellisario, does this mean that something is forthcoming?

The Rod supposes this means another of the dreaded reboots to a classic/cult show is to be expected, if anything. Some may say that this is a good thing, that to bring the concept back to life is all that matters (hell, while we're at it, force some politically correct themes in, it's apparently all the rage after all!) but The Rod disagrees.

Bakuka and Stockwell are still around, they may even be interested in reviving their characters one last time, answering the lingering question on the minds of all the leapers: "Who are you Rod?"..........sorry, wrong question....."what happened to Sam?"

The Rod says: to hell with the reboot, give the people a sequel, answer the question with a feature film or more likely a TV movie, then and only then have at it with your reboot.

So, what else is media is rampant, honestly, you look away for a few minutes and boom, keyboard warriors are everywhere. The Rodternet is great and all, but come on people.....who cares if you're every thought isn't twittered or facebooked. Is there a need to take pictures of your every waking moment and document it?

Some random thoughts.....

Speaking of this Twitter nonsense....140 characters.....really???

Hipsters??? Jamokies if you ask The Rod.......

Self driving cars....... Finally... Where can The Rod get one, and when can He begin his one man mission?

Speaking of which, where is His beloved Knight Rider show??? Why is Reality TV even more popular and why is there a lunatic running the free world???

Where are all the Hot Rodettes??

Is this all a dream?

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