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Part 6

As soon as it became first light all of the seals of bravo team went aboard the copper.

Including Tom and magic. Al was sat in the pilots seat and the copper arose and went air born flying over Vietnam.

After a short while with history repeating it self with bravo team telling Maggie to stay in the copper and with her replying.

"I sir!"

And magic talking to past Al out of the copper.

Current Al landed the copper and bravo team moved out as soon as they were gone Al lifted the copper up and it began to become air born again traveling over Vietnam.

Suddenly gooshie appeared outside the aircraft and says to Al tapping into the hand link.

"what ever you do Al Maggie must stay on abroad this aircraft."

Al nods saying "Roger"

Not long after this Maggie was trying to convince Al that she needs the toilet and Al straight away says to her.

"am sorry Maggie you can't you have to stay on broad and that's a order."

Maggie replies "buy I've got to go I don't want to pee myself"

Gooshie then taps the hand link and says

"Al, Ziggy says you have to let her go from the copper"

Al Turning and trying to keep on eye on the plane and another on his invisible friend.

"why you just told me she can't leave?"

Gooshie reads from the hand link saying "all Ziggy has is just one word and it's

Al replies "what's that?"

"its a prize.... Ziggy says Maggie must take a picture of the pow who's not far from here Al you need to lower the copper now and go with her"

Al just simply says "Roger" shaking his head and saying to himself "make your mind up"

Al lowers the Aircraft and as soon as it touches down Al says to the co pilot.

"if we're not back in 5 minutes then take off with out us"

The co pilot nods.

Both AL and Maggie steps off from the copper and she heads for the bushes.

Al stands guard with a gun he had taken out of his side holster and follows Maggie.

As soon as Maggie is finished taking a pee she says to Al "get down now." They both drop to the floor and as the POW go by them Maggie takes a picture of young Al, young Al looking at her from afar and AL remembering this event all over again gets up quickly and says to Maggie "stay put"

She replies "I sir"

Al runs around the corner through the brushes and aims his gun at the two guards who is guarding younger Al they clock him and they push younger Al into the mud and they run off for their lives.

Younger Al feeling dizzy says to grimwald "thanks"

Al says looking like grimwald and talks to his past self.

"you don't know the half of it now come with me"

Young Al nods so with young Al free they run back to Maggie and with their copper gone leaving them behind they all run to try and meet up with bravo team.

After a while running through the brushes and swamp like conditions gooshie tells Al where all the land Mines are as soon as they see bravo team Maggie says to both Al's

"there they are!"

She makes a run for it and with magic saying "Maggie no!" trying to stop her from going any further.

And hologram Al trying to warn her too.

Current Al says "Maggie stop!"

She stops dead in her tracks Al catches up with here and very slowly all of them walk over the land Mines with out any further injuries.

And all of them this time around, young Al, Maggie and Tom moves out all alive and safe.

Back in the bar

Al looking like grimwald comes into the bar and Maggie follows shortly behind him with a envelope of her pictures.

As the soldiers are having fun again around the bar and one of the men doing press ups again balancing the same girl on his back while Sam is having a beer.

Past Al as a hologram says to Sam tapping into the hand link.

"I don't know how you did it Sam but this time round am free and Maggie doesn't die and Tom's alive too."

Al looking at the hand link while dressed in his white army uniform.

Past Sam says "ziggy must have been wrong and everyone is alive." Sam smiles to himself.

While Al sits down near the other end of the bar.

Gooshie says to Al

"you did it now Maggie lives and she wins the PULITZER prize for her last picture she took of your younger self and she collects the prize in person and she files the newspaper report for Ziggy to find in the future in the news paper you did it!"

"how about me the pow?"

Gooshie reads from the hand link

"he goes back into the army and gets reenlisted and spends the next 5 years fighting in Vietnam towards the war effort and you survive and after you're term is over you go back to Beth in the future as you did originally"

"that's good to know"

Al looks at magic from across the bar and as soon as Tom says.

"its midnight and am still alive," tapping and looking at his watch he says "thank you little brother"

And he looks squarely at Sam with his arm around his shoulder and Maggie kisses Sam on the cheek and in that moment Sam quantum leaps and with that Al quantum leaps too into time.....

When the leap. Fades away Al finds himself looking a lot like a hit man and he is pointing a gun towards a man on his knees at point blank range towards his head and the man says towards Al

"forgive me I won't do it again" trying to beg for his life.

All Al can say is

"oh boy!"

To be continued......

This ends a bold leap forward the next chapter and now it leads into season 6 as Al as the leaper looking for Sam.

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