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Originally Posted by McDuck
You can read the story of the Baby comic storyline at the ql-archive. It's called Two Dweebs and a Little Monster and was written by Christina Mavroudis. It was accepted but sadly, the comic folded before it could be published. Fortunately, Mav shared it online with the QL community in the mid-90s. The guide is here

You can access the entire script here:

She also has it in story form:

By shopping at various comic book shops and utilizing eBay I was able to get the entire comic book collection quite a few years ago. THey're pretty good.

You can also try used bookstores for the QL novels. My local used bookstore (which I haven't visited since a couple months before Katrina) had the entire series, including multiple copies of a few of them.
i have read that one about Sam leaping into a best friend made me lol, and i think itr should have been an epoisode, Scott said he was sad he could not do it. i thought it was funny. a little deweeby but funny, especially Sam sucking his tumb in Donna's arms through the mirror. hehe.

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