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Separate post for Broadway Theater notes.

You can get same-day discounted tickets if you go to the TKTS store - just search for it on the internet. Also, some theaters have Standing Room Only and Student Rush (need ID) tickets at a discount - check out the box office of the theater.

Broadway and 42nd Street is a far cry from the 1980s, when it was sleazy and filled with smut shops. Mayor Guiliani did a great job of clearing out and turning the theater district into a safe place to visit.

Allow at least an hour before curtain time if you're traveling to a theater. The traffic and congestion is legendary and Wednesday matinees usually surprise everyone.

If you get a chance, look around and imagine that small triangle crossroads filled with wall-to-wall people waiting for the ball to drop. (An event I NEVER want to attend, lol) When you imagine it, say a prayer for Dick Clark, please. I hope he's well enough to help out with the New Year's Eve broadcasts this year again.
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