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Originally Posted by ris768
Is early March considered winter? Will there still be snow and ice or will it just be really cold? What temperature range can I expect?
New York in March, brrrrrrrr. It's winter. There probably won't be snow (once I went to NY within a week after a major snowstorm and there wasn't a single speck of snow in midtown), but it will be cold and windy. The tall buildings create canyons that make the breezes stronger. Hubby and I saw Spamalot a few years ago, and I seriously thought I was going to get frostbite standing outside waiting for the theater to open.

Originally Posted by ris768
I am hoping driving from South Dakota to Missouri isn't as long mainly because I'm not sharing the driving and also you drive on the wrong side of the road!?
No, you do!
If you've driven across Australia, I bow to you. I don't think SoDak to Missouri will give you any trouble!

P.S. That was a great list of things to do, NYC! I thought we had to have a native around here somewhere.
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