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Originally Posted by Snish
New York in March, brrrrrrrr. It's winter. There probably won't be snow (once I went to NY within a week after a major snowstorm and there wasn't a single speck of snow in midtown), but it will be cold and windy. The tall buildings create canyons that make the breezes stronger. Hubby and I saw Spamalot a few years ago, and I seriously thought I was going to get frostbite standing outside waiting for the theater to open.
Everything you said is right on the mark! We have had some freak snowstorms in March. I remember my BFF had planned a surprise 60th birthday party for her father back in 1996. Night before, a blizzard hit. 20" of snow and street parking only. We had to take a sled to pick up the cake because the bakery was only opening for a few hours for order pickup and the streets hadn't been plowed yet.

I would pack hat and a pair of gloves, just in case. Or buy a cheap pair off a street vendor.

LOVED Spamalot. Oh yeah, you might also be interested in a midnight screening of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Just do a search to see where it's playing when you're in town. (They sometimes have to move it - the theaters get tired of cleaning up toilet paper and rice.)

P.S. That was a great list of things to do, NYC! I thought we had to have a native around here somewhere.
Thanks - I'm a third generation native! Just ask anyone I cut off on the highway in Delaware last week. "Get out my lane!" lol I live out of state now, but go back all the time on business or to visit family/friends. I was just there last week.
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