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Originally Posted by ris768
I have never seen Elf and I have decided to watch all the movies you mentioned so I can see the places you wrote about.

Would you believe Elf is showing on TV tonight!!! How freaky is that!
Really freaky - it's OCTOBER! Beetlejuice should be playing!

We took friends of ours to Central Park once and my husband made a big deal about the bridge from Elf, pretending to be a tour guide. I recorded the whole spiel, mainly because my husband is really very funny. My friend's husband just didn't get the humor and spent his time whining about why weren't we seeing any celebrities and complaining that he wanted to see Times Square.

We just wanted to give all five kids a place to run around - there are GIANT rocks there to climb and a little playground nearby, so it was a good rest stop.

I recorded the whiny husband as part of the whole routine and sent a copy via DVD. He's much better behaved now, snicker.
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