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Some of the lower buildings in the WTC complex have been rebuilt or restored and are occupied.

Ground Zero has been cleared and some construction work has begun, mostly to ensure that the "bathtub" enclosure stays intact and to get ready for the transit hub development underground.

I think the main problem now is the SAFE deconstruction of the former Deutsche Bank Building. That building was gutted like a fish by the tower collapse debris and it's not safe. They found remains from 9/11, there are hazmat issues, and there was a terrible fire on the site. Until that behemoth has been removed, very little will be done on the WTC.

Not that the PTB can agree on WHAT to develop. Just as well.

I went to college in Manhattan while the towers were being constructed. I get that "deja vu" feeling everytime I go downtown - the construction workers whistling and yelling, the machinery banging away, and the closed subway stations are right back where they were in the late 1970's/early 1980's.

I never liked the Towers anyway; I had clients in that building and meetings there made me seasick with the swaying and the groaning.
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