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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
That would have been excellent, perhaps even reveal what happened to Alia when she'd leaped out of the prison. Or return Zoey as the new evil leaper.
I have no doubt they'd have brought back Carolyn Seymour as Zoe any chance they could

That was such a great line, I did enjoy Vivian.
I did not realize Carolyn Seymour was in The Twilight Zone, I've actually never watched it.
Apparently in the episode, called "Ye Gods", Carolyn Seymour plays a Fury who has broken Cupid's heart... Sounds very twilighty :P

Actually I quite like this take, it makes perfect sense to me.
In my fanfic however it would have to work somewhere in between the outcomes of Alia and Zoey. That's all I shall reveal.
I look forward to it

Exactly how I felt.
I would LOVE to see a Quantum Leap version of the Hunger Games
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