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Ever since my QL flame has recently rekindled I have grown to enjoy the Evil Leaper storyline very much though it is certainly no match for the classic aspects and story lines of the shows first few seasons.

The reintroduction of the LaMatta family to introduce Alia and Zoey was brilliant. If you watch this episode back to back after Jimmy, the first time Sam was in this leap you can tell how well they progressed the LaMattas from where he'd left them. Also how well Alia played off it to screw them up in addition to having the women's lib period as the perfect excuse for her destructive behavior towards Frank and Connie's marriage.

Alia was an intensely strong character the way she played off Sam's insecurity completely blinding him to what was really there in front of him just as the aura around him fools the world. Even as a viewer you are made to want to believe her, that is how brilliant a job Renee Coleman did.

The well roundedness of Zoey's character only enhanced the Evil Leaper experience. My best friend and I are huge fans of the fact that she is completely a female version of Al in her opposite sex fetish with Sam as no exception. In the beginning before we are aware of when she tells the story about her neighbor whose clothes she'd agreed to wash "as long as he takes them off first" was one of my favorite moments of hers. It sounded exactly like one of Al's stories. That paired with her cold blood thirst made for a very creative character.

I am suddenly wishing I could remember my initial reaction when Alia had pulled her 180 and cried rape which unfortunately Jimmy's down syndrome made all the more easy a sell. A big reason revisiting this leap worked so well.

I don't exactly buy into some of Sam's monologue, when he said that Alia would be killing herself in killing him. Good and evil must exist together to balance each other not ensure each other's existence. Ever seen portrayals of Utopia such as in the shows Charmed or Angel? This particular case does not fit into the suggestion. Sam and Alia do not represent good vs. evil, they weren't defined by the forces they stand for. There was obviously a part of Alia which did not agree with her sins and wanted out, in contrast to Zoey this stands out quite a bit. While there have been examples of a darkness in Sam such as in Catch a Falling Star where he honestly considered not saving John O'Mally's life and Vietnam when he cared about nothing but his own agenda which resulted in a life being taken, selfishness. Even his hatred of hatred and injustice when you really look at it is darkness. Such as when he beat the **** out the rapist in Raped.
There is both light and darkness in everyone, that which we actually believe in is what is important.
Then again Sam could have also just been BSing to stall her. A method he's used before such as in Permanent Wave.

Request: There is an alternate ending to this episode in which after Sam gets the gun from Alia Ziggy tells him to kill her. I can't seem to find it on youtube, all of two videos I have encountered of it have been removed(though since I didn't actually pay attention they could both very well be the same video). If anyone knows of anywhere it can be found please share with me.

I highly recommend the novel Knights of the Morningstar which adds a fourth encounter with the evil leapers prior to the Midnight Marauder leap.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
I really wish that if the show had continued to a sixth season, that the Alternate Project could have been explored some more.
I as well would have liked to learn more about the Evil project, the backgrounds of the characters, the torture Alia was put though when she'd failed in the LaMatta leap and to have seen more of Thames.

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