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We have the music this time, but no longer have the episode synopses before each episode. Other Universal releases also have them missing in later seasons, almost as if they were too exhausted to include everything for consistency. It's not that big a deal, especially when compared to the music, but it would have been nice to have.

The opening for "Mirror Image" is also different from the original airing (the original used Season 2's opening; the DVD uses Season 3's) for no good reason. At least they got the original theme music right for the last episode.

The set blueprints are rather illegible and useless; although it is nice to have something as a bonus feature since Universal couldn't simply give us an episode from the next season this time. But hey, we have the music intact this time which is really what counts the most. It's just amazing that each time Universal can never get it 100 percent right. This isn't brain science!
- Chris
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