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I've just discovered the lost episode transcripts (What took me so long right? To be honest, I've never taken the time before to just browse the main site and I was actually searching for info on the supposed alternate ending of Trilogy part 1 which has turned up nothing).

I've just begun to read Act I of 'The Avenger' and am intrigued to find out that Al mistakenly referring to Arnold's superhero identity The Midnight Marauder as The Mightnight Avenger is probably an easter egg from this transcript (even if Dean honestly did mix up the names and it was kept).
I presume it's an early version of this episode because it's the same basic concept including being an installment in the Evil Leapers arc but with an older, far more in-depth character whom Sam finds relatable and the superhero name is The Midnight Avenger.

It's a shame. As much as I like this episode, I'm really liking 'The Avenger' as well and wish it had been produced.

Finished 'The Avenger', although the evil leapers get less screen time the whole Sam deciding to try taking Alia with him when he leaped angle is so much more intense and it appeared this script didn't proceed to 'Revenge'. I'm not a fan. I'd have made the trade-off in a heartbeat.

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