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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
The whole episode just drives me mad. Al's behavior was completely off-kilter. It's like DPB hadn't even watched every episode or familiarized himself with everything that had gone on. He just had this story he wanted to tell that brushed on his father's experiences after the war and in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania and if it confused the heck out of us, so be it.
I agree with you completely about Al's behavior in this episode (which is why I've begun to favor the "it was all Sam's dream" theory as an explanation -- although to be fair I think Al's behavior was off in several episodes in Season 5, which I chalk up to Al spending too much time in the imaging chamber).

Also DPB did tend to put his own stuff into stories a little too much (not just QL). In this case he was definitely indulging that tendency. On the other hand he also wrote some of the best episodes in the series (The Leap Home and The Leap Home Vietnam) and I always favored the dynamic at play between them in the specific episodes that he wrote (except LHO which I won't watch ever again, lol). Too bad he didn't carry that over into this episode. I was also disappointed with how little of Al was in the episode, even if we felt his presence by way of his absence.
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