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Default Lets not hold our Breaths for too long

A while ago just before I joined this forum. I posted a question about BLF. The response I got wasn't the one I was hoping for. Here it is....

From Jason : I have been a long time fan of the “Quantum Leap” series. I was ecstatic to hear that they were making a movie and new series back in the winter of 2005, so I eagerly waited on pins and needles for it to be released. Sadly over a year later I haven't seen it or heard anything about it. Even when I researched it lately it seems to have disappeared. I did see that it was rumored to begin filming in January of 06 but that is it. Then I came across this site and wanted to see what I could dig up. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for us die-hard fans? I would love to know any information you have..
Get off those pins and needles. There hasn’t been any news on the “Quantum Leap” movie (or telemovie, or mini-series) for quite some time. I dare say the producers are out there to trying to make it happen, but it doesn’t look like anyone wants in. The last bit of solid news on this project was in 2004, when Donald P. Bellisario, producer/creator, told The Washington Post that he was planning a series version – it would star Dean Stockwell, and Scott Bakula would guest in the first episode. – Clint

So there you have it fellow leapers. Sorry the news couldn't be better.
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