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Article 514:
Why I think Sam never made it back home

Date: 02/25/2000
From: GiddyJoe

Hey everyone, I just realized something. I'm fairly new to this bulletin board, but I've read a lot of past posts that you guys have put up about Mirror Image, the last episode of Quantum Leap. And a lot of you have complained about the fact that it said, at the end of the episode, that Sam never returned home. Now, I gotta admit, at first, I was pretty upset about it too; but that was before I started really thinking about it. And now, I think it makes perfect sense, and that it's a perfect ending to a good show, especially if they wanted to stay true to Don's original story. Here's what I mean by that. In the very first episode, Genesis, Al told Sam that in able to retrieve Sam back home depends solely upon everyone that he comes in contact with, believing that Sam IS the person he leaped into, rather than who he really is. So, Sam's mistake, and ultimately what kept him from going back home permanently, was trying to get some people to believe that he was a time traveller from the future. He did that in Genesis, Killin' Time, Revenge of the Evil Leaper, and a few other episodes as well. So, that's one of the reasons he never returned home. Does that make sense?

Now, at the end of Mirror Image, we all know that it said "Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home." But I don't think they meant that he never returned, ever. I think that he DOES go back home every once in a while to visit. He just doesn't stay there permanently. Here's why I think that. Near the end of Mirror Image, Bartender Al came to Sam and started doing a "what if." What if Sam chose to be a priest all his life? In response to that notion, Sam said "Even priests can quit." And Bartender Al then said "That's true; but they can also take sabbaticals, especially before embarking on a difficult assignment." (Sabbaticals are breaks, or a time of rest if you didn't know that.) I think the fact that Al said that, kind of implies that Sam can and WILL take sabbaticals (time-off) from leaping every once in a while, to go back home. But he must live with the fact that he IS a leaper, he chose to be a leaper, and so a leaper he will always be.
Tell me what you think about all that. Thanks!

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I totally agree
Date: 02/28/2000
From: Himeko

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A credible explanation!
Date: 05/09/2000
From: Bingo
Very good thinking! Now, let me add a bit. Not only did Sam tell some of his contacts about his time travelling, but he also left a myriad of clues lying around almost everywhere. An astute researcher with enough resources could detect anomalies in the timeline & trace them near their origin (perhaps not exactly at the origin, but close). I believe this is the origin of the so-called Evil Leaper. I see Zoe as a mere underling chosen specifically for her zeal & lack of mercy - I believe the LOTHOS project predates Zoe's involvement by at least a few years. It is Zoe who gives LOTHOS the appearance of evil - LOTHOS' purpose is to "put right what once went wrong" (in my opinion...). Dr. Beckett was attractive & charismatic, but he was otherwise the proverbial mad scientist whose experiment went "a little bit ca-ca." It is very likely that Beckett lost his way home BECAUSE OF THE WAY HE WAS TRYING TO GET HOME! Ironic, huh? These days I see Dr. Samuel Beckett as a modern Don Quixote - a disoriented, idealistic anachronism in a world of his own creation - a world that does not jibe with reality. He appears to be a hero, but he fights enemies who are not his enemies and he saves people who do not wish to be saved. They do not even realize they are in danger.
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