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Very good episode that most of the time relied on suspenseful drama. Very well-written. I never thought that the actress who played Edie was so bad, in fact she portrays one of my favorite characters. It's very understandable for her to be switching from one mood to another all the time because of all the stress and the pills, etc. Hellen was was a bit two-dimensional and never liked her, anyway, but, for some reason, I liked the character of Byron a lot.

My favorite part: When Sam's walking Edie back and forth and also talking to her so she can't pass out. He tells her about his best friend in the farm, a dog named Al.

A scene that proves Chris is great at writing suspense: Of course the one where Sam tries to take the pills away from Edie. Another one: When Sam has the confrontation with Hellen the first time while they're still at the restaurant.

By the way, all those cats were very annoying. An "ohg" moment. A sort of a cliched move from Chris' screenplay just to get his point across that Edie was so alone in life.

My rating: Good.
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