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I found this episode enjoyable on multiple levels.

1. The lead actress gave a fantastic performance emotional and situational and her character, a young woman enduring a career that made her miserable and ill to support her family was remarkable and sympathetic.

The scenes during her withdrawals, particularly when the hysteria allowed Edie to briefly hear Al and she tried to sneak pills she'd kept hidden in the kitchen were intriguing and powerful.

There was just one flaw when the drugs slipped into her coffee were revealed.

Helen: "I--I have her some black beauties and some doors and fours!"
Al (consulting the handlink): "Black beauties are uppers, doors and fours are downers".

I researched it some time ago and could have sworn I'd addressed it here, doors and fours are not downers but painkillers which seem somewhat nonsensical as part of the cocktails Edie was regularly given.
I'm no drug expert but the objective was to raise her energy level and give her a beautiful glow so where to painkillers fit in?

Helen did, however, seem pleased with the unusual high that was achieved, were the painkillers perhaps to boost the black beauties?

Could she have caught on to the detox and/or have wanted to overdose Edie?
She did express that she was displeased with Edie's behavior, perhaps she wanted to move on to the next model and the last time she switched models was after she'd overdosed her previous one who fortunately survived without Sam's interference but promptly switched managers.

2. Sam's connection to Edie and how it allowed him to be a fraction of himself was nice because we got to learn a few things about Sam such as that the Becketts had cats (interesting after his thoughts went to a dog in 'Disco Inferno') and that a unique attack of acute foot-in-mouth syndrome forced him to have to anchor it by pretending to be his own cousin was amusing.

The periwinkle comment, in particular, felt kismet to me and I believe Sam felt it as well, he implied as much when he admitted that he'd wanted to have sex with her.

TBH though, I'm hoping Edie didn't meet 'cousin Sam Beckett' in Elk Ridge as that would have been one hell of an awkward conversation.

3. Al's humor just pulled it all together, from hoping Sam was there to get Sports Illustrated to shoot their first swimsuit addition to his adlibbed comment against styrofoam cups and offense to Sam's referring to him as his dog.

That final moment when Sam watches Edie leave and tells Al:
"She's going home."
might just be one of the most powerful moments in the series. The longing in his expression and his tone stings me every time I watch this episode.

Overall, a very well done episode.

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