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Debora Pratt has told me that she's written the first six chapters of "Time Child", which will be about Sammy Jo travelling through time as a leaper trying to find her father. Unfortunately she wasn't allowed to release the first six chapters with "The Vision Quest" as we'd originally been promised, she was very apologetic about that.

When asked about the future of Quantum Leap at the Leap Back convention, DBP said it was out of his hands, but said he would refuse to do anything at all unless Scott Bakula was a part of it.

We have a brilliant fanfilm that was created by our member Kirok called "A Leap To Di For", which has Sam leap into Paris to attempt to prevent Princess Diana's death. It shows what is likely has happened to the project in the twenty years since we last saw them (it's not a pretty sight until the President gets involved :P ). Watching it, I would never have known it was a fanfilm, it was done so professionally I would have sworn that it was a professionally-made movie. Unfortunately it is probably the closest we will get to a QL movie in the near future.

For a "Quantum Leap"-like feature film, I suggest you watch "Source Code". They clearly drew inspiration from the show, and even have Scott Bakula voice the main character's father over the phone (and we even get an "Oh Boy"). It's not Quantum Leap, but it's nice to see Quantum Leap elements

Also, there have been numerous references to Quantum Leap in Family Guy (including Neil Goldman being visited by a hologram Al; Peter becoming a Jehovah's witness and telling anyone who will listen of the miracle worker Jesus Christ who would put right what once went wrong; and Stewie and Brian getting trapped in the Multiverse and hoping that their next leap would be the leap home)

As it is, Quantum Leap is unlikely to be revived, however it's nice to see that some of its elements are being utilised in pop culture for nostalgic and comedic purposes
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