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Originally Posted by isz
so excuse me if i'm not "buying" Al's very weak excuse,that He never thoughts of checking the mother name with Ziggy...
Well I think it's valid because as I pointed out before if a guy is married than its pretty much a no brainer that hes going to have a kid with his wife unless he's a dirty cheating slimeball. So I can see Al assuming that Julie was the mother. I suppose that he could have consitered Julie divorcing him since War does stuff to everyone including marriage but it's still a valid way to look at the situation. Cuz with the sole fact that he ends up having kids, it would understandably occur to one that this particular marriage must have stayed in tact despite difficulties due to the war.

Originally Posted by Jmoniz
I certainly mean no disrespect but it seems as if every episode you review you find something negative to point out. Now that's certainly your right but it does beg the question, if you see this many "defects" in the series, why do/did you watch and how do you like it?
Yeah I noticed that as well and I tried to point it out in the Running for Honor thread but she seemed to take it a little offensively. I am sorry again Isz, if I sounded rude when I asked this same question in the Running for Honor thread. I would never mean any disrespect of anyone's opinions. Its just that while people are of course welcomed to discuss their dislikes, we are all here because we are diehard fans so this board focuses on the positives as any other TV show based message board does. Otherwise it would be an anti-(blank) community. Thats why it might appear strange to people that you seem to point out more negitives than positives. So when people point out something like that its not meant to be disrespectful, it just gets people curious.

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