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Originally Posted by Dman176 View Post
This is actually one of the two theories to explain how the Evil Leaper Project came about: the information the agents got from Sam is what led to the creation of Lothos and the evil leapers (which just conveniently happens to be introduced in the very next episode). The other theory is that someone managed to reverse-engineer the handlink that Al accidentally left behind in 1945 during "The Leap Back" from Season 4. Personally, I like to believe it was a little bit of both.

It probably is a little bit of both, as well as Alia being "grabbed" by Devil-Al, just like GFTW "grabbed" Sam on his first leap I wonder what other pieces of "evidence" Sam might have left lying around throughout his leaps?

Something that just occurred to me - the Government were the ones who funded the Quantum Leap project in the first place... Wouldn't this tape be proof that the project was a success? Maybe this was part of the reason why the project never had any further problems with receiving continued funding...
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