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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
Don't worry, Angvav. Just like Night Terror said, nobody thinks bad of you for asking questions. We all have questions at time, and as somebody studying to be a teacher, I've found that questions are good because you end up learning new (and sometimes useful) knowledge.

I've visited several Internet sites and forums on the Internet, and have even joined a few. I would say that Al's Place has one of the nicest group of people on the Internet. You are not "a dill". Rather, you're a smart person who just wants clarification on a point, which most people are happy to provide. Think about it. If one is talking on a subject, he probably likes to talk about the subject, and would love to answer the question because he would continue to talk about the subject. Besides, if someone was being rude to you if you asked a question, he wouldn't last long here, right? So, if have a question, just ask. No apologies, no degrading yourself. Alright, Angvav?

As for the "explaining yourself" part; I don't really know what is being meant by that, so I'm not commenting on that.

By the way, to get back on topic, anybody seen The Drew Carey Show. That had a lot of memorable moments to it.
Actually - explaining myself isn't exactly the best wording to use here.

Degrading or looking down on myself would be better terms to use if that makes sense.

Absolutely right ohboy.

I can see everyone is more than nice on this site.

Clarifying things is exactly what I'm trying to do. You hit the nail on the head there.

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