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I sure hope something like the materializes while Dean Stockwell is still with us. I also hope if it is made its handled with great care with respect to the original series,both in tone and aesthetic.
I am not a fan of "reboots" or reimagined versions of something original in an attempt to pander to current culture. People are fans of this show because of what it originally was and the chemistry between Dean and Scott,and I hope Don Bellisario stays true to that and his fans. I know Mr Stockwell is now in his 80's,but I'd love to see them reunited as Sam and Al one more time to finally get Sam home. It just wouldn't be the same with other actors.

I'd hate to see Quantum Leap turn into what Knight Rider became in later versions. Usually the old saying "you cant go home again" winds up being true. Hopefully it wont be in this case. I'd like to see Sam go home again at last.
Quantum Leap was a wonderful show. I watched it back when it first came on. Too bad it couldn't have had the ending Donald Bellisario wanted it to back then.

It's kind of like Gillian's Island,where the show ended and the fans were upset because the castaways never got rescued. Finally it happened. When are we going to bring Sam home?
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