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I was quite looking forward to the Evil Leapers after a work colleague let it slip that they were awaiting me in the 5th season.

I was a bit disappointed, for all the reasons said above. Why would they do it? blah blah.

Not interested in God/Devil as both infer we're religious, when I'm not.

Anyway, the girl who played Alia was beautiful, but I felt a bit weirded out that Sam and her wouldn't take their eyes off each other...considering he has a wife back in 1999. She was a bit too good to be true, and why would she care anyway, if both are going to leap, they aren't going to have any time to talk about their lives as Quantum Leapers.

Not sure why Sam loves being Jimmy quite so much, as if I remember correctly, playing him the first time was quite traumatic, what with the clumsiness and dastardly workers at the dock, and Connie herself trying to get rid of Jimbo!

All in all, an average episode, and possibly symptomatic that by Season 5, Quantum Leap may have jumped the shark.
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