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Originally Posted by Cpt Jules
That is what I've always thought of Al the Bartender. Read my story The Impossible Dream. It's a kind of re-imagining (not Battlestar Galactica type of re-imagining -ICK!) of "Mirror Image". In my story, Sam has a serious accident and slips into a coma. During the coma, he basically dreams up "Mirror Image", the characters in the episode being parts of his conscience trying to tell him something.

You don't like the new BSG? It certainly is not the original series, and sometimes (like last week) I wish they weren't so graphic. The story is good enough to avoid "working blue".
Dreams are a whole different study altogether. I could tell you stories about dreams, and what they sometimes can lead to, but it would bore everyone to tears. But than again, they can sometimes lead to you having your picture taken with a former astronaut.

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